My name is El Jefe and I am a (Word) Pimp

Wow, my first post on my new blog. Yes, you are test driving my shiny, brand-new blog and it’s probably the right moment for me to tell you why I’ve  started it: I want need an outlet to comment on the good, the bad & the ugly that makes this South Florida community of ours so unique.

Also, I’m hoping that as I get a few more posts under my belt, I’ll fall in love again with writing. I used to love to write. I did it everyday and everywhere. Then I entered the ranks of Corporate America and after almost two decades of writing advertising, marketing and PR pablum-for-hire I now feel a strong need to reconnect with the medium that is the written word and to rediscover its beauty and power. To reconnect with the genuine side of language. With words that aren’t being prostituted to sell you anything.  Except maybe my perspective..!

I’m stepping into my new blogger identity lightly, as there is still much I need to learn about this medium. So I promise not to post every day but rather only when I have something to say that I think might be of interest to other SoFlo peeps.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks. Really appreciate it. You’re invited to climb aboard for the rest of the journey that hopefully will take me from “word pimp” back to to “wordsmith” while allowing me to share some SoFlo-related rants & observations and make some new friends along the way.

Be gentle when leaving comments. It’s my first time…

El Jefe


One response to “My name is El Jefe and I am a (Word) Pimp

  1. Looking forward to reading more.

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